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Sistema Aotearoa uses orchestral music-making as a model for social development. It is based on El Sistema, one of the world’s most successful music and social development programmes.


El Sistema today is a visionary movement that impacts on young people throughout the world. It is credited with improving the lives and lifting the aspirations of participants and their families, reducing crime, increasing school attendance rates and preventing anti-social behaviour. Sistema Aotearoa, a partnership between the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra has been operating in Otara since April 2011 and is seeing similar early results as in Venezuela.


A recent AUT independent evaluation report on the social outcomes of Sistema Aotearoa concluded there was promising early evidence that the programme was positively contributing to a range of social, developmental, musical and educational outcomes.


How It Works

Sistema Aotearoa’s approach considers all aspects of a child’s development and works to integrate these creating benefits that go beyond the development of musical ability. This wider, pastoral care is a critical success factor in engaging the children and impacting on their well-being. The benefits of the programme include the development of intangible skills and qualities that are vital for positive personal development.


Based at Otara Music Arts Centre (OMAC), Sistema Aotearoa provides group tuition in a community setting in school, after school and in holidays. Musicianship and the skills of playing an orchestral instrument are taught in a way that is suitable to the age group and community involved. Students receive high quality, intensive tuition through a carefully structured curriculum.


Since the programme began in 2011, until December 2015 1,928 children have been impacted by the programme .  Sistema Aotearoa starts with children age 6 years when they are in Year 2 of primary school and carries on until full proficiency of the instrument is attained, by which time students may be well into their teens.  With the programme entering its 5th year some partner schools have up to a third of their students attending Sistema Aotearoa making it a vibrant and integrated part of the school activities.


In 2015 Sistema Aotearoa delivered over 68,150 child contact tuition hours interfacing with 828 individual students through high–quality, age/ability appropriate sessions structured to develop musical ability and enhance social and educational development. A total of 364 children participated in all or some aspects of the full programme (attending  afterschool 2 or 3 times a week and in the school holidays) and a further 184 children participated in only the Puoro Pōtiki in-school programme. 280 pre-school children/whanau attended Pūoru Pīrere sessions held in local ECE centres and at community ‘drop-in’ locations.


The basic premise of Sistema Aotearoa – social development, community and a holistic approach- is the foundation of the programme. The children are immersed in a collective teaching process from the beginning, exposing them immediately to group dynamics, cooperative behaviour and peer learning. Children from different backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to work together, which increases children’s respect, understanding, and empathy for each other. Participation is open access, free for all students and instruments are supplied.


Emphasis is placed on developing a supportive community. Teachers and students alike are invested in both personal and community success, creating a place where children feel safe and challenged. Parents/carers working together with Sistema Aotearoa achieve a common goal, that is a more positive, aspirational future for their children.


Sistema graduates leave with a sense of capability, endurance and resilience, confident about taking on challenges. A deep sense of value, of being loved and appreciated, and a trust for group process and cooperation, enables them to feel that excellence is within their grasp. In the supportive context of the Sistema Aotearoa approach children have the freedom to develop the life skills of responsibility, respect and co-operation.


In early 2016 Sistema Aotearoa will become an independent charitable trust.  Sistema programmes are now established elsewhere in New Zealand and Sistema Aotearoa, as the centre for excellence and training, is sharing its knowledge and experience through Sistema NZ.





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